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LizVicious, Liz Vicious Visited: 6146 /This week 8
Hot Sexy Teen Goth Comments ( 0 ) [ Post Comments ]
Scar13, Scar 13 Visited: 5157 /This week 5
When I was in high school I became madly infatuated with a boy who always dressed in navy blue and black. He looked like a shadow when I would see him walking in the distance, and as cheesy as it sounds I wanted to be a shadow with him. So I threw away all the colored clothing in my closet which left me with all of maybe 4 outfits. Soon afterwards everyone presumed I was a goth chick, which I had never even heard of. I always thought the goth people were dark punk rockers or something..... anyways, I soon afterwards met a beautiful uber-goth boy with long hair and scars on his arms and pierceings and fishnet shirts. He showed me the ways of Christian Death and Sisters of Mercy and Skinny Puppy and bondage (my first experience being with the laces of his 20 hole Docs) and floggers and all sorts of sin. Such is the story of how I got into the goth scene. Comments ( 0 ) [ Post Comments ]
BabeInk, Babe Ink Visited: 7024 /This week 4
My name is Tina Maria, I'm 21 years old and live in North Wales / Chester. I have a cheeky sense of humour, love going to the movies and playing with my 1 year old boxer dog called Bailey. I have an interest in tattooing and have lots of work done already including a full sleeve and a backpiece. I'm currently in progress of a second sleeve. Comments ( 0 ) (1) [ Post Comments ]
GothicSluts, Gothic Sluts Visited: 3815 /This week 2
Real Gothic girls do it all! Gorgeous tattooed & pierced BDSM corset babes! Pale nude vampire hotties! Genuinely original content! The Gothic erotic site you have been wishing for. Comments ( 0 ) [ Post Comments ]
InkyGirls, Inky Girls Visited: 2962 /This week 2 - a community site that is home to some of the hottest girls with tattoos. While we've been called "tattoo erotica," we don't pretend to be anything new or different. It's all in the name - InkyGirls - where beautiful inked girls take their clothes off. Members of InkyGirls get complete access to original, high-quality photos you won't see anywhere else, of real girls with real tattoos. You also get a personal profile, journal, neat-o private messaging system, & use of our forums. Comments ( 0 ) [ Post Comments ]
KaosKittens, Kaos Kittens Visited: 3764 /This week 2 has one of the most extensive collection of sexy gothic girls, girls with tattoos and alternative models on the web. Some of the best dark erotica and fetish photography from reknown Montreal photographer Michael Andrews. These sexy girls are not your average girl next door type! Our site features the darker beauties and the uncommon models. Comments ( 0 ) [ Post Comments ]
DollieDeathray, Dollie Deathray Visited: 3548 /This week 2 - hardcore goth slut! Comments ( 0 ) [ Post Comments ]
Face Fuckers Visited: 3198 /This week 1
All free site that promotes goth teens, face fucking, hardcore, fat bitches, gay, almost everything! Comments ( 2 ) [ Post Comments ]
TrinityMorgana, Trinity Morgana Visited: 2981 /This week 1
the pagan princess of porn trinity morgana Comments ( 0 ) [ Post Comments ]
Fatal-Beauties, Fatal Beauties Visited: 2873 /This week 1
The hottest punk, goth, mod, raver, rocker, and indie boys and girls! Memberships include cool features like journals, profiles, and message boards, to name a few. Comments ( 0 ) [ Post Comments ]

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